Hey there, I’m Dustin.

To get a sense of who I am, let me first take you back to the summer of 2016. I had a high-paying job with my own corner office, a long-term girlfriend, I lived downtown, leased my dream car, went out for happy hours and dinners every week and worked out at a pricey gym. On paper, life was perfect.

But looking back on it now, I was actually living someone else’s life. A life that others expected of me but not one I wanted for myself. Deep down, I was lost. I remember thinking to myself, “is this all there is?” I was sleepwalking through my own life.

That summer I got my wake up call after I was unexpectedly laid off from my job and endured a life-altering breakup. I was broken. I was lost. My identity was gone.

I had no choice but to re-evaluate everything and ultimately decided I was going to take back control of my life, and my finances.

Today, my goal is to save over half of my income consistently and build up my net worth so that money is never an issue or source of stress in my life. I also plan to retire from mandatory work decades before my peers.

How? I turned my negative savings rate into a 65% savings rate by being a bit more thoughtful on what I spend my money on. And I am automatically investing my savings so that my money is working hard 24 hours a day without me having to worry about it.

I feel a sense of freedom and control I have never felt before.

The truth is, personal finance isn’t nearly as complicated as you have been led to believe. This blog will show you how simple it really is.